The Last Post

Today, Easter Sunday, the day when Christians celebrate new life, seems a good day to write my last post on this blog. I suppose it should have been written long ago, since it is now almost three months since I returned to the UK, but I know I’ve put off writing it because, for me, it will be symbolic of the fact that my life in Latvia is over and a new chapter of my life has begun.

With the perspective and space that time brings, I still reflect on the experience as a gift, and a totally unexpected privilege, giving me the rich opportunity to meet and share with some beautiful people and some vibrant fellow Christians. I have had time to reflect on the things I might have done better and have prayed that my contribution to the work of God through the Army in Latvia will have been, despite any failures in judgement on my part, a positive one.

They do say that Latvia ‘gets’ to you, that you can never escape its charm. At the risk of being slightly cliched, I would say that it has become part of me – there is a Latvia-shaped space now in my life! I am reminded of it in many small ways – not least the fact that I have to consciously remember to drive in the left-hand side of the road! I am evangelical about Latvia and will talk enthusiastically to anyone who wants to listen.  I want people to know about this unsung little gem of a country, and to capture the deep respect I have for the people – their ingenuity, creativity and sensitivity. Odd events will bring individuals to mind whom I have known, and periodically I will sit and do a mental tour around the country recalling with deep affection the people I know who are involved in ministry, sometimes in difficult places. As I bring their faces to mind, I  lift them into God’s presence and ask that He blesses them.

….so that’s it – the end of my Latvia adventure. All that is left is for me  to say ‘goodbye’ and to say thank you to those of you who have followed the blog and shared the adventure with me.



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5 Responses to The Last Post

  1. John Thompson says:

    Dear Christine Thank you so much for your ‘ blogs ‘, always full of interest and enjoyable to receive. The photo’s too added so much. So the end of a ‘season’ has come, but as you say, memories remain. God has blessed your ministry and still will! If ever you get down to the south coast, do let us know? We would be so pleased to see you. Jonny, Catherine and the boys arrived tonight from Camberwell for the week (whilst we go visit Janet’s brother, Robert in Tredegar, South Wales). Then when get back on the 4th April, Margaret, Andrew and their three will be here too for us to enjoy. So, we have a couple of busy weeks ahead. Warm regards J&J.

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  2. Isabel Beckett says:

    You’re so right … Latvia gets to you. I love sharing with those who will listen about the the place, it’s people, their spirit. I love to show others the photos of its beauty … Of a place any people do not know even exists. I thank God for the privilege of having served there and also for having journeyed with you for a time. Next time … In Australia! God bless.

  3. Moira Mae Underwood says:

    I went to Latvia in 2010. I visited and stayed in skangali, was absolutely enchanted one Sunday by Seda. I went to Riga 1 corps and met God in the most amazing way! It is true that Latvia becomes a little part of you, leaves a Latvia shaped hole. I have no idea if I will ever be back, but I thank God for making Latvia the first step of my journey back to Him!
    God continue to bless you and use you in this next phase of your journey with and for Him!

  4. Joanne Dale says:

    In a moment of reflection I decided to google your name and found this blog. It is truly inspirational, I am not surprised that this was something you did before you retired. You always were, and have continued to be a person who truly inspires me, it is wonderful to see the light has not gone out, and there is still plenty of oil left!

    • Joanne,

      Sorry I’ve never replied to this. It was lovely to hear from you. I can’t believe it is over a year since you wrote on the blog. It would be good to know how you and the family are getting on – please let me know what you are all doing!

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