Coming Back

I don’t know about you, but I always feel that the sign of having had a good holiday is that you feel a bit ‘flat’ about coming home.  I have just come back from being with family, friends, enjoying good conversations, eating wholesome food, getting lots of fresh air, warm sunshine and exercise.  I have had a good holiday.  I’ll be truthful. I felt less than enthusiastic about coming back.

At the end of the first day back in the office I decided to have one last post-holiday treat and *went out for my supper, still feeling ever so slightly miserable!

I ordered the meal and then sat and observed my surroundings. Behind me sat a group of joyful, noisy young people talking in a delightful confusion of Latvian and English.  In front of me two slightly older people were deep in conversation, and then there were a couple of young people, clearly in love, and oblivious to everything else that was going on around them.

I took in the decor. There were four carpets on the floor, all different, and all the kind that I might have seen in my Grandmother’s home. There were three completely different styles and colours of sofas, all of which had seen slightly better days. There was a swivel chair, and ordinary dining chairs and psychedelic formica-topped tables which looked as if they would have been more at home in the 1970’s .  To add to the incongruity of this incredible mis-match there was a rotating glitterball hanging from a dark red ceiling sending scatters of light around the room, alongside rather prosaic indoor spider plants et al. which adorned the window sills. It really shouldn’t have worked.  Taken together, it should have looked like a rather quaint second-hand furniture shop. But it didn’t.  The place had atmosphere.  It was welcoming. It was comfortable. It was oh so Latvian.

Then my meal came.  Glorious, delicious Latvian food. Ginger and mint tea, with real ginger, lemon, and the ubiquitous berries.

Gradually I realised that coming back wasn’t so bad after all!!

* Check it out if you are in Riga: ‘Pasēdēt’ Stabu iela 10/2

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One Response to Coming Back

  1. John Thompson says:

    Hi Christine!
    So good to hear from you. We had begun to think that hibernation had set in for the Winter season. Unless we had missed some of you blogs?
    We are off to Camberwell at the weekend to look after Sam & Will whilst Jonny & Catherine are at Officers Councils in Harrogate(a change from Swanwick). We may well then go to Leeds a couple of weeks later as Mags & Andrew may be moving house within the city and we can help with house cleaning etc. J&J.

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