Silence speaks

For regular readers of this blog – if indeed there are any – the prolonged silence must have been slightly baffling. Whilst I am not the  kind of person you can set your clock by, nevertheless three months’ silence even for my erratic style of blogging is rather a long time. It’s a bit like I’ve been in hibernation, although given the weather we are having here at the moment it is far too early to be waking up, were that the case. I suppose it’s true to say that the silence is because I’ve been distracted by other things and then, well, just never got back into the habit of writing.  I’m now not quite sure how to catch up, but I’ll try to get you up to speed with what’s been happening since last November, bit by bit, possibly interspersed with some of the latest things that have happened as well.

In my usual ‘butterfly-minded’ way writing about silence has started me thinking. A particular picture came to mind. I remember that on my 11th birthday, which fell on a Good Friday the day on which I’d been born, my birthday card from my parents was, very appropriately, a picture of Jesus. I don’t think it is a particularly famous picture, and today it may well be dismissed as being a rather stereo-typical portrayal of Jesus. It is called ‘The Lord turned and looked at Peter…..and Peter remembered.’ I suppose it was a rather sombre card to give a child, but I cherished the picture for a long time – and possibly still have it somewhere. It’s the look on the face of Jesus, what that silent look seems to be saying to the Peter who has so recently betrayed him that gripped me. There is no anger, although there is strength, no self-pity, although there is disappointment, no  reproach, but just a sense of understanding and deep affection.  When I was 11 I thought the picture gave a pretty accurate impression of what Peter might have seen when he looked in the face of Jesus and the message that was communicated to him through the silence. Maybe sometimes silence speaks louder than words ever could….now there’s a thought!

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One Response to Silence speaks

  1. Sue Betts says:

    Thank you for returning to blogging. I’ve certainly missed it!

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