A Smashing Sunday!

We had a great time on Sunday. The young people led the worship meeting. I say ‘young people’ but the oldest of them is only 10 years old.  This had been a much-anticipated event by one and all, not least the youngsters themselves. There were four of them, Ellie (the only girl, who easily holds her own with the boys) her brother Evan, Gustavs, and Josh. Evan had been part of the planning but was unfortunately ill and couldn’t actually take part on the day.  Limbering up at the start of the meeting they were both scared and excited. Gustavs doesn’t ‘do’ excitement very much, at least publicly, but I had never seen him so animated before.

Between them they led the sung worship which centred on the theme of loving God with all your heart, mind and soul, singing solo parts in various of the songs and

using the microphones in a very professional way.  Josh (who had become a brother for the first time to little sister Matilda that week) has recently achieved his ambition to start to learn to play the saxophone. He’s proving to have quite a talent for the instrument and had taught himself to play the worship song ‘Our God is an Awesome God’ and accompanied, first his friends, and then the rest of the congregation in singing it.

At the beginning of the meeting we had each been given a heart in different colours and we found out in the middle of the meeting that they were to show us what group we were in later in the meeting. We then went around four activity groups centred on love each one led by one of the young people. Ellie was in charge of a table where we were able to decorate heart-shaped cookies’, Gustavs was in charge of  a Bible scavenger hunt, and Josh was in charge of a Bible search table. A final table showed us how to make little heart-shaped bags into which we were invited to put some sweets.

What a great time we had! I have to say I enjoyed the excuse to get involved in crafts, but my greatest joy came from seeing the children who’d prepared all this being so excited about church, about being a part of it, about being trusted to lead the worship service!

I was proud of the adults too. Everyone joined in very good-naturedly and showed their love by supporting with genuine interest all that has been prepared for them with such care. There were no disapproving comments, no complaints that they didn’t get a ‘proper’ Sunday sermon.

The young people want to do it again. I hope I’m around when they do!

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