It’s arrived!

20141103_221500 It’s 3rd November and I received my first Christmas card today ……..and first prize goes to ……..a member of the Kid’s Alive group at  the Knowle West Salvation Army. The message inside the card says: ‘Dear Major Chirstine Bailey, I hope you have a fantastic christmasI wonder what is like in sweden and latvia. I hope you have a proper fantaskit time. I hope you reply backe.’ Accompanying the card was a message from the leader of the group saying that she had set the children a challenge to send a Christmas greeting to Salvation Army officers living abroad – and I got chosen.

I’m going to sound really pathetic now, but it was so nice last year to receive quite a mountain of Christmas cards. I received so many that when I put them up they formed a curtain around the two large windows I have in my living room.  It really did seem that I was surrounded by the people themselves who had especially thought about me, and taken the time and trouble to send a card. Some of them were old friends, and some were new ‘friends’ whom I’ve never met and do not know.

Cards like the one I received today are particularly special because hidden behind them is the initiative of someone like Sue Harris, the Children and Family Worker at Knowle West, who is investing time, and patience and love, trying to broaden children’s minds and their horizons, and modelling for them God’s love and care. May God bless you and many like you in this important ministry.

Well, ‘K’ of Knowle West, thank you very much for all the care and thought you have put into decorating this very special card you have made for me, and for the lovely message inside – and may you have a really ‘fantaskit’ Christmas too!

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