A Saturday afternoon in Riga

I’ve decided that Riga is my favourite city. I love taking the 20 minute walk down into the Old City and exploring all the little lanes, and nooks and crannies.  There is always something new to see and somewhere new to explore. The pictures are literally snapshots of things I saw on one of my Saturday walks in late September.

I love the fact that there is always something to see in the town, something going on. On this Saturday there was a group of earnest young people trying to bring to the attention of the public an anti-human trafficking campaign, among other things.  A bit further on there was a pavement artist, and I noticed how the flowers on the usual flower seller’s stand were gradually changing to reflect the season – full of sunflowers, dahlias and chrysanthemums. Only a few people were now braving the outdoor tables at MacDonalds, even though it was a sunny late-summer afternoon, and sadly, further on, the picture shows the sad story of a whole pavement cafe which was deserted, a reminder, if I needed one, that soon the wooden constructions on which the pavement cafes are installed will be taken down and stored until next summer.  The flag pole outside the woollen shop near the Parliament building is already ready for the change in the seasons.  Some bright spark has had the idea of wrapping it in its own bespoke knitted overcoat, as the picture shows!

On the way back home, I am cheered on my way by the brass band, complete with drum kit, entertaining the passers by. A number of people stop to listen, some dance, and all clap in appreciation at the end of the piece. Their inspiring music follows me to the Freedom Monument, over the canal bridge where I stop to watch a man feeding the ducks. I quicken my pace, through the park, taking special notice of the last of the geraniums in the hanging baskets and the patriotic red roses contrasted with the white alyssum in the park, and  I feel slightly sad that their days are numbered and that all too soon winter will be here.

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2 Responses to A Saturday afternoon in Riga

  1. John Thompson says:

    Three blogs in one night, you must be in ‘catch up’ mood!

    John t.

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  2. Isabel Beckett says:

    I agree with you that there is something really special about Riga. I do miss the walk to and in the old city. Nothing quite compares.

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