Simply heavenly!


It’s that time of year again, and summer camps are in full swing. I attended our annual Family Camp at our lovely campsite on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The picture gallery tells most of the story, but here are a few words of narrative to give a context to the pictures.

Over 100 people attended the camp which, as you can see, is a mixture of worship, teaching and relaxation. The simplicity of the whole event is part of its charm. Ģirti, as the campsite is called, is very basic and badly in need of upgrading, but it has a delightful rustic feel about it which makes for a healthy few days out in the open air (the weather was fantastic, by the way!). I think it is one of those places the Celts call a ‘thin’ place where Heaven and earth almost touch each other, because it is very easy to sense the presence of God in this heavenly location.

There was worship in a specially erected tent, and this year we even started the event with worship on the beach.  It was a wonderful experience to sit and watch the sun setting over the sea. It’s also a time for teaching, and this year we had with us Major Phil Garnham and his wife Annette from the UK who led sessions on the Kingdom of God, from which we all gained a great deal in terms of learning about Kingdom living.

There was no need for anyone to be bored.  Activities were put on for all ages. There was giant bubble making, beach games, night hikes, scavenger hunts, handicrafts, concerts, a Christian magician, a barbecue, and for those of us who were lazy, there was time to sit on the beach and swim on the warm shallow sea.

Family, food and fellowship are the other trio which made the camp. How the cook produced such fresh, tasty food with such limited facilities I don’t quite know. The food was fabulous! It was great to be with part of the Salvation Army family here in Latvia. It was good to chat together, good to laugh together, good to worship together and play together. The fellowship was rich. On a personal level it was lovely to be with Phil, Annette and Carol Evans, a Salvation Army officer friend who came to the camp as part of her Sabbatical experience. There were a lot of Kingdom conversations as we travelled together and shared together.

Well, Camp 2014 is but a memory for another year. All that remains is to acknowledge and thank again the fabulous team who organised the camp, efficiently and without fuss,  to ensure that so many of us  had a simply heavenly time!

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