Various Videos

I hope that this week’s post will be slightly more interesting than its title! It seems to be video time at the moment, and so here are some insights into aspects of the work of The Salvation Army in Latvia which I hope you will find interesting.

Since the majority of my readers are either from the UK, Sweden and Latvia there is something in each language – also Russian too – but I am hoping that, even if you don’t understand the words you’ll find the pictures tell a story which you will find fascinating and maybe inspiring.

The first one is an advert for the musical, Jonah, which is being presented both here in Riga and Liepaja, so if you live in Latvia, you might want to join us at one of the venues this weekend. For those who can’t come, the video will give a glimpse into the work the children have been doing towards producing the musical.

The second, although the videos are not in any particular order, is a clip from the worship meeting at Daugavpils on Easter Sunday which features some hearty singing in Russian.

The third is from one of the Salvation Army corps (church) in Riga and is a short TV Report which was made about the work there.  It is a Russian-speaking corps, but the TV channel is a Latvian one, so this is in Latvian

And finally, a couple of videos which are the same, but one is in Swedish and the other in English.  These were put together by my boss in Sweden who came over for the visit of the Queen of Sweden.  I’ve featured limited pictures of her visit on this blog, so here is a brief round up in pictures of that memorable occasion.


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4 Responses to Various Videos

  1. Rob Little says:

    Hi Christine,

    I really loved watching your various Video’s – and even searched thru to listen to your preaching on John Baptist (though the ending is cut short!)

    How exciting your life is. The kids doing Jona were marvellous – but I was sorry to see they had no special part for you. I was hoping to see you dance as they did.

    Two things I would like to have more information on; the group singing in Russian I think….with a Chorus that appeared to say ‘Jesus is Lord (or Jesus is Good) Hallelujah’. I Loved that. Can we have some guidance to the music please?

    And the music played over the ppt Slides of the Queen of Sweden’s visit…clearly ‘It is well with my soul’ but played so beautifully on guitar. Where might one find such a recording? Is it local to Latvia. If it is one of Latvia’s own recordings how do I purchase it?

    It made me laugh that there appears to be no word for cousin…your break-off discussion made me smile. In Africa we had the same problem – because ‘brothers’ were often actually cousins – but the families are so interwoven the kids don’t really seem to know! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these vids with us.

    God bless you as you continue to proclaim the coming of the Saviour – even though it is long past Christmas.

    Rob x

  2. Keith Banks says:

    Hi Christine, Quality videos telling an inspiring story, I loved them all. What an exciting part of your officership adventure. Thanks for sharing. Happy memories of my visit. Assurance of prayers, God bless – much. Keith

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