Priecīgas Lieldienas!

I’ve just arrived home after attending Easter Sunday morning breakfast and worship at Riga 1 corps. It’s a beautiful sunny day, and I’m sitting surrounded by the lovely flowers I was given earlier in the week for my birthday.

The clip from YouTube which concluded our worship moved me a great deal. It is from a composition by Aivis Ilsters, whose picture of snowflakes features on the header of this blog. Whilst it is in Latvian (Aivis tells me an English version is coming soon!) I think those of you who do not speak Latvian will ‘get it’, and there is always Google Translate if you want to look up the words. ‘Es esmu’ means ‘I am’ – and knowing that, some of you who are  Christians may be able to guess the meaning of some of the other words. Look at the background closely, and it will yield its secrets. May the music and the pictures be a blessing to you, as they were to me.

I also include a picture from our small outpost at Sarkaņi, which shows a model which the children made illustrating the events of this special day. Their village is not a very beautiful one, which makes the simple beauty of their creation even more moving.

Easter Day by the children of Sarkaņi

Easter Day by the children of Sarkaņi

…I’m off to the beach now to enjoy the sunshine – 20 degrees here today!

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3 Responses to Priecīgas Lieldienas!

  1. John Thompson says:

    Happy Easter to you, Christine and belated birthday greetings too. On the beach in 20C! …great. It’s grey wet and windy here in Poole,actually rain is now pouring down, but the sun shines above the clouds. Spent Palm Sunday w /e with the Grinnell’s in Leeds. They were in great form. John & Janet

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    • 20 degrees here too, believe it or not! But still wearing a jacket….just in case it doesn’t last. It is quite difficult to believe that it is so warm! Still no leaves on the trees yet – but I think there will be after this burst of hot weather!
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  2. Isabel Beckett says:

    Thanks for sharing the video clip – it was very thoughtful. I could even read the Latvian!!! Fancy it being 20 degrees and it is still April. Enjoy!

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