Going viral…

…well, not quite, but thanks to Tim Lennox writing about the blog on Facebook I seem to have had  half the world and his wife looking at the blog.  He informed the world that I had told the team I work with that I would buy them all cakes when I reached 20 followers on my blog.  I know, I know, sad that I had to resort to bribery and corruption to get people to read it!  I think perhaps if it was one of those smart clever blogs which has a black background and white writing so that it even looks ‘edgy’, I might do better, but hey, what do you expect from an old-age pensioner!

So thanks to all of you who ‘hit’ the blog.  I now have 22 followers. I do have to point out that ‘hitting’ it is not enough to be a follower, you have to be a bit more intentional than that. (Now what does that sound like a metaphor for?)

I am continuing to use bribery to get me readers.  I have told the team that when I get to 100 followers I’ll take them all out for a meal.  At this rate, I think I’m fairly safe making that kind of rash promise.

Hopefully there’ll be a gallery soon of pictures from ‘The Camp’, taken not by me, but Aivis Ilsters whose pictures appear elsewhere on this blog.

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2 Responses to Going viral…

  1. Roblittle says:

    Let’s get the Lady to 100!! Come on

  2. Graeme Smith says:

    Was reading anyway Christine as we enjoy following your experiences of God in the land we love. Making it official gets our friends cakes!

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