The Jugs

The Jugs

The Jugs

As a child I moved a lot with my parents, and so lived in all kinds of different houses.  When we arrived as a family they were just houses, but a particular gift my mother had was to be able to make a house into a home, a place which was familiar, safe and warm.  Once these two jugs were unpacked, they were  symbolic of the fact that I had ‘come home’, that the new strange house I occupied was now mine. As you can see, I have kept them as a sentimental memory of my childhood.

The much anticipated visit of my friend Helen from the UK a couple of weeks ago was the incentive I needed to make my flat into a home. So there was a flurry of activity making curtains and blinds (with a great deal of help from Isabel who lives upstairs!) putting pictures in the right place, and just generally doing all the bits and pieces which I’d been promising myself for weeks that I would do to make the place feel ‘mine’. I finished everything just in time for her arrival!

The effect on me of this process of creating a home has taken me by surprise. I hesitate to make the comparison, but the phrase that has kept coming to mind is the one which describes how God felt when he had created the world, as recorded in the Bible in Genesis 1:31, ‘God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.’  Looking round I’m happy and satisfied with what I’ve created. As I sit and relax and survey my surroundings it all feels ‘very good’ to me.

I’ve found myself comparing the sense of peace and harmony produced by my physical surroundings to my inner, spiritual,  life. A long, long time ago I was told by a wise old lady (possibly the same age as I am now, come to think of it!) that I needed to learn the secret of ‘Abiding’ (John 15:4). I am still trying to learn it. Maybe part of the secret is in recognising that, in spite of all my imperfections and restlessness, I can ‘abide’ in the fact that God sees what he has made, and that in His eyes  it is ‘very good’!

What a great time I had with Helen. She too helped to transform my flat into a home, as we shared together the fruits of a God-given friendship that has lasted over 40 years.


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3 Responses to The Jugs

  1. janeslog says:

    Found your blog by accident while surfing the net. Very interesting. You seem to be enjoying life in Latvia.

    Enjoyed your photographs. The birdlife there must be very interesting.

    • How are you? What’s happening where you are?

      • janeslog says:

        Nothing much. Moving to a new job on 5th August in the Corporate Department of Iberdrola dealing with the trading of commodities on the stock market. Bit of a surprise I got it and very unexpected.

        People in my present department are sorry to see me go as I seem to be quite popular.

        Discovered a rare bird while out birdwatching and took a photograph of it. Caused a lot of excitement in the bird world.

        My Sony mobile phone got stolen but the thief who stole it got caught on CCTV. It’s going to court. It was insured anyway and I got it blocked so it is no use to anybody.

        Took up golf again as I was spending time with the birdwatchers walking through a golf course on way to bird pond and took the notion to play again.

        Bought new clubs as mine were quite old. My golf coach says I am good at hitting the ball and I have good coordination. Won’t be joining a golf club as it is very expensive and I could only play at weekends so will play at the local council one as it is much cheaper.

        By the way, what happened to walking up Arthur’s Seat and along the John Muir Way?

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