Postscript – One Amazing Day

Remains of the Day!

Remains of the Day!

….Just to add some further detail to my last blog.  I discovered on re-reading the information about the event that I was way out in my assessment of the number of people involved in the Song and Dance Celebration.  So in the interests of statistical accuracy I quote my programme. The ‘blurb’ says:

‘The Song and Dance Celebration is an evocative manifestation of the Latvian spirit, and as such, has received a UNESCO ‘Masterpiece of intangible cultural heritage’ listing. 43,000 performers and craftsmen participate in over 50 events in 8 days.’

In the spirit of stealing titles from other events I have called the picture ‘The Remains of the Day’. Unfortunately we forgot to take a photo of the glasses full of strawberries, ice cream, fresh double cream and chocolate fingers half an hour before this photo was taken!  I subjected the people in the office to this special treat in traditional Wimbledon style to celebrate Andy Murray’s historic tennis victory ……any excuse for a party!

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