Random Riga

PS You should be able to see the photo gallery now!

My ‘boss’ from Sweden came to visit this week, so, to make a good impression we, that is, Sarah, the Assistant Regional Leader of the Salvation Army here in Latvia, and I took him on a tour around the old part of Riga. Well, to be honest, it was Sarah who took us both round for I saw parts of Riga that I had not seen before.

It was a lovely warm evening, so I just got the camera out and took some pictures at random – some are dreadful, but hopefully some are OK. You’ll see familiar icons, the famous Laima clock, lovers in a rowing boat on the canal, a beautiful orthodox church, the Liberty statue, significantly, facing westwards. You’ll see sights typical of Riga, the dark black Occupation Museum starkly juxtaposed with the beautiful Blackheads House which stands next to it, and a tribute to those who manned the barricades – oh, and there’s also a picture of Sarah and JP Ramos, my boss, as well.

If I’ve done it correctly, you should be able to see the photos clicking on ‘Random Riga’ on the Gallery. If at first you don’t succeed…..fiddle a bit…..!

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2 Responses to Random Riga

  1. Sue Betts says:

    I fear you will have to ‘fiddle’ a bit more – there is a message that the page could not be found when I click on ‘Random Riga’. And I would love to see the pictures!

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