Walking on the Sea

Christine and Sarah – not quite walking on water, but almost!

On the day that news broke around the world that some people had been cut adrift on an ice floe in Latvia I was actually walking on the sea! I went with my colleague, Sarah,  her husband Aivis, who took the pictures you can see in the Gallery, and  her son Josh. It was a truly amazing experience. This picture shows frozen sea for as far as the eye can see. The Gallery will show that Sarah and I were reduced to walking like a couple of old ladies on the very uneven surface, but Josh and his Dad walked right out to a ridge of frozen waves which can  be seen in the pictures.  Aivis as a professional photographer has picked up some of the grandeur and, at the other extreme, the exquisite beauty found in the ice formation. As the sun set the ferry from Latvia to Stockholm sailed by and we too made for home, but not before we had had a ‘picnic’ in the car of tea and biscuits.

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